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Prachtige sterrenkaart voor met name noord Amerika en Canada, geplastificeerd.
The Night Sky: An Introduction to Prominent Stars and Constellations (Sky Watcher Guide)
By James Kavanaugh
The Night Sky, An Introduction to Prominent Stars and Constellations, is a must-have reference guide for any stargazer. This indispensable guide highlights prominent constellations that are visible from cities throughout North America in summer and winter. Glow-in-the-dark star charts allow easy identification of shapes and names of prominent constellations. The Pocket Naturalist series is an introduction to common plants and animals and natural phenomena. Each pocket-sized, folding guide highlights up to 150 species and most feature a map identifying prominent sanctuaries and outstanding natural attractions. Each is laminated for durability. (31/2 X 81/4 folded, opens to 22 X 81/4, color illustrations, charts)
The Night Sky is the perfect, folding GLOW-IN-THE-DARK pocket reference to the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere. Guide highlights prominent constellations and stars that are visible with the naked eye from cities throughout North America. Simply shine a flashlight on the guide to illuminate the constellations and their names during summer or winter. Laminated for durability, this handy guide is a great source of portable information and ideal for field use by novices and experts alike. Over 100,000 sold.