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De uitgever van de kaart is de bekende Duitse uitgever GeoRelief. Deze topografische kaart van Duitsland heeft een hoge kwaliteit met prachtige kleuren. De kaart bevat de namen van grote steden, spoorwegen, het wegennet, de namen van bergketens en internationale luchthavens. Gemaakt van een hoge kwaliteit kunststof.
Not only those who have ever flown over Germany by plane and enjoyed this indescribable sight will be pleased that thanks to this relief map in scales of 1:1,200,000 or 1:2,400,000 it is now possible to share such unique moments at home or with friends.
Anyone who has ever given away one of our three-dimensional cards will know that this gift will quickly “escalate” into a full-length program item. Suddenly the past holidays are traced with the finger on the map, for example, the train journey with the Harzer Schmalspurbahn on the Brocken in the Harz, the view from the Schauinsland over the foggy sea of the Rhine Graben to the Vosges or the bicycle tour along with the seemingly endless loops of the Moselle. Thanks to the map’s elevation by a factor of 6 (large format), even the Harburg “mountains” near Hamburg can be felt.





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