Sterrenkaart - Planisfeer Planisphere (Latitude 51. 5 North) | Philip


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The first thing that every stargazer needs - an hour-by-hour and night-by-night map of the stars they'll see
· A really useful bit of kit...a map of the night sky for any time of the year' Mark Thompson, TV Astronomer on BBC Stargazing Live
· Just turn the disc and 'dial up' tonight's night sky
· Accurate sky map for every hour of every night 24/7/365
· Simple and fun to use for beginners - and an essential tool for experienced astronomers
· All the stars and constellations down to magnitude 5 (visible with the naked eye)
· Planet Tracker for the major visible planets
· Full instructions and hints on exploring the skies by season
· Suitable for UK, Ireland, Northern Europe, Canada and Northern USA (51.5N plus or minus 10 degrees)