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From the world's most adventurous travel publisher, a unique collection of quizzes, puzzles and brain teasers for intrepid globetrotters and armchair travellers alike. Whether you're planning a quiz night for friends, dreaming about your next big trip or looking to while away a long-haul flight, The Travel Quiz Book will have you scratching your head and dreaming about far away. There are questions to suit every level and age of traveller, from the deceptively simple to the downright diabolical.
Which river connects the capitals of Austria and Serbia?
The flag of which country is neither square nor rectangular?
Which European country is an anagram of 'ROMANIANS'?
The name of which capital city contains none of the same letters that appear in 'Bradt Guides'?
(100 points if you get that one!)
The King of Swaziland changed his country's name to what in 2018 so it would no longer be confused with Switzerland?
Think you know about travel?
Playful, inspirational and just occasionally fiendish, The Travel Quiz Book will put your global knowledge to the test.





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