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Paper Lamp shade Grea gradient

Tiny Miracles

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Easy pop-up paper lamp
Simplicity meets sophistication in this folded lampshade original. Its innovative design allows a flat folded paper construction to unfold like a flower into a beautiful lampshade, which can be used with any hanging fixture. They are wonderful on their own but even more striking in a colorful group assembly.
Size: 38x26x2 cm

Miracles from Mumbai
The Tiny Miracles Foundation is a Netherlands-based charity founded in 2010 by Laurien Meuter and her cousin designer Pepe Heykoop. The foundation focuses its efforts on eliminating poverty in one of the most impoverished city areas of Mumbai, India: the Pardeshi community in slums bordering on the red light district.
Our key ambition was to help this small community of 700 people become self-supporting in 10 years time. We are well on our way. By the year 2020 they will be middle class citizens.
Over the last years we have created a successful working business model that has acquired the expertise to fulfill our future mission: breaking the cycle of poverty in any community around the world.

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